Saturday, April 5

Oh yeah, I have another blog, that I've actually been updating more often than this blog ::ahem::

But I'm not completely abandoning this one. On upsaid, I'm only allowed to update three times in one day, so when I feel the sudden urge to pour my thoughts once more into a fourth blog, to here I shall turn. I'd love a pensieve like Dumbledore's...

By the way, I finished the Goblet of Fire. (warning, if you have not read it yet, DO NOT READ ON) My faith in Snape is now completely reinforced. Iknewhewasgood! Iknewhewasgood! Ever since the first book when he saved Harry's life at the Quidditch game, I've refused to think that he's an evil Death Eater. He is by far one of my favorite characters for some reason that I'm still not completely sure of. I think it's the whole dark, bitter, mysterious man that really isn't bad. Sirius is my next favorite, and then Ron and Hermione both come in third. Okay, gotta go, more homework to do. For an update on State Festival (which was not today) go to my other blog...

Oh yeah, I have another blog, that I've actually been updating more often than this blog ::ahem::

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This Friday, I saw Chicago. it was greeaaat!!!! Go see it! It's fantastic! It's only feeding my newfound obsession with the Roaring Twenties. I love Mamma's song, and the Murderer-Girls's tango (I have no idea what the real names of the songs are, but they ROCK!!!!!) Now, I need the movie, the CD soundtrack, and to go see the real broadway production.....oohoohoohgigglygigglygiggly....

Monday, March 31

Feeeestival is this weee-ee-ee-kend. Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. IsayIsay: Feeee-estival is thi-is wee-ee-ee-kend.

No, I'm not excited.

We actually haven't been rehearsing adequately for the state level, I think we've sort of been lax about it since regionals. I think tomorrow may be an all-Jane rehearsal, with no Jabberwock. I hope so.

I have a sudden urge to go camping right now. I really want to go stargazing, and look for satelites.

Tuesday, March 25

Okay, I really like this radio announcer, whoever he is. Dad heard him on the way home from work:

"And now for our update on the War with Iraq:

We're winning....that's all you need to know!"

Halleluja! Does this mean that they're all going to stop half giving away all of our strategies and positions during the broadcasts? Or is this the only smart reporter we have?

Today we overtook an Iraqi hospital that was hiding over 100 Iraqi soldiers, their chemicals suits, chemicals and a tank. Dad pointed out to me that that's a direct violation of the Geneva Convention. Someone's not pla-ying faaa-aair....

Another lil' enlightenment from dad: tricky, tricky Iraqi army with their mock surrender the other day. So they come in waving their white flag, and then turn around and attack us, claiming that we'd "learn a lesson that we wouldn't soon forget..." Were they hoping that we'd "learn" not to accept surrenders? And were they hoping that us refusing surrenders would put an end to all their soldiers surrendering? Was it really to teach us a lesson, or to give all of the Iraqi soldiers who're thinking of giving up a slap on the wrist? Hmmm...

Dad, why aren't you running the country?

Monday, March 24

Wow, I didn't mean that last sentence the way it sounded...
Okay, I've decided that I don't like Brinkster, I just tried Angelfire, and they have the same situation I had with Angelcities with the ads in the frames. I really nead to find a host that doesn't have ads, that's gonna be hard since there aren't many. And it's such a cool site too... I'll get it up some day.

Sunday, March 23

I hate American media. I mean a fiery, passionate, heartfelt loathing. They are an insult , and a poor representation of our country. This is what I saw on the news today when I turned on the TV:

Left side of screen: there's a newscaster at a desk in New York (?), Right side of screen: A reporter, on the ground with a microphone and a helmet in Bagdad, a few feet away from soldiers on their bellies with guns. In Bagdad there are faint booms and plumes of smoke in the background.

Reporter: *rambles on about the various tanks and what not in the background*

Newscaster: Could you give us an idea of what's happening in that line there? It's not necessary for your camera man to stand up again (note: !!!!????) but we saw a whole line of men before, could you tell us what they're targeting?

*reporter crawls on belly up to a soldier*

Reporter: So what are you sighting here?
*mumbles from soldier that I don't remember because my mind was so consumed with disbelief, rage, and humiliation*

God!!!! Maybe they should stand up again, at least when they're shot, they're out of the friggin' way....

Saturday, March 22

Lately, we've had the TV on most of the day, tuned to the news. It's been serving as sort of a background, white noise for the most part. There was a press conference on today, with some lady in a pink and gray two-toned suit, she looked too much like Two-Face from Batman that I had trouble paying attention to her. But supposedly, according to mom, one reporter asked her some question pertaining to the "show" last night, meaning last night's bombing. She shot that down pretty vehemently. Sometimes I hate Americans, at least the dumb ones...
I just registered a free site with host, and am currently in the process of uploading junk, I'll post my URL when it's finished.