Friday, February 28

Dad has been trying to install DSL into our computer so we can have a faster, better internet connection. Surprise, surprise, something went wrong and now - there is no connection on our computer. We are *dundundun* - connectionless. Right now, I am on my dad's laptop from work, typing away, wondering if some how "" will show up on his company log, and weither or not he'll find it funny or I'll see when I get there.

I just finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on Monday. Yesterday, mom and I went to Barnes and Noble's and I bought the following:
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Alphabugs ('s for the nursery I work in...don't ask...)
Grimm's Grimmest
I just finished Prisoner of Azkaban tonight. I love this series, I've never found myself so completely engulfed in a book before, I wish I could video tape my face as I read it, I'm sure it's very entertaining... man, I'm glad I read in isolation...
The "Grimm's Grimmest" book is really cool. It's all of the original German Grimm's brothers tales - completely uncut, in their original form before they were sugar-coated and censored for violence and such (...yes translated, silly...). So far I've only read the introduction, maybe I'll read one of the tales tonight before bed.

I've been drinking alot of pineapple juice lately, now that I've figured out that pineapple is my favorite fruit. I can sense myself starting to get sick of it, and it makes me sad.

Wow, dad has a nice laptop, this thing hasn't hiccupped on me once yet!!!

There's only two more days of vacation left, and I'm starting to dread all of the homework that I haven't done yet. I would have been able to return from break feeling refreshed and renewed, had I not had to think about chemistry right at the end of it...But fortunately, I've had drama work-session, renovation-thingies.. in the theatre this week, that's cheered me up.

Sweet dreams everybody!

Monday, February 24

Dad is doing his victory dance because he's discovered an error in his German text book. Apparently, they're trying to tell him something is past tense when he's proven that it is, in fact, future tense. Or something like that. Vielen gut, Vater. He plans on arguing it with his teacher tonight at class....God be with her...

I can smell mom's chocolate chip cookies...

mmm....confection-ie goodness...

I love Oprah. I don't care what my brother or anyone else says. She has millions and she gives away more than she spends for herself. Amen sistah!

..yeah..I'm the whitest white girl I know...

It's snowing again, just li-ttle flurries, and it's slowing down, but it's enough to make me happy.

Today on Oprah they showed the two possible designs for the new World Trade Center. They're amazing. If you haven't seen them yet, I'm sure you can find them on the web some where, they're by two firms, NY's "Think" I think it was called (hehe...), and a Polish architect, Daniel Liebestank, or something like that. I like the Polish man's design, where he placed the buildings so that on every September 11th, at the exact time that the first plane hit, the sun reflects and shines on the spot where the first tower used to stand. The NY team design was an open-air structure that would shine lights into the air at night. Every night. Every..single..night. It's a nice idea, but I think the constant display would be a little desensitizing, and it would sort of start to lose it's meaning for people. They're both beautiful designs though, I think either one would be a wonderful homage.

America's worst idea ever: Reality Television

Example: Are You Hot? , Celebrity Survivor, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette...Ogod the list continues......why must the list continue? ..... Pleeeaaassseee...make it stop!!!

I'm such a dumb cookie. But sledding was so much fun! Unfortunately, now I feel like I have a brick in my chest, and my throat is lined with tinfoil. But my throat's starting to feel better. I lost out on visiting Salem State College with my family though, I stayed home while Mom, Dad and my bro went. He needs to check out the campus since he's already been accepted.

Last night, while surfing the web, I discovered the coolest thing. I've found one other person on this planet who cannot burp! I'm so thrilled! Life is indeed good when such phenomena exist. Sort of like the town in Texas where there are two Starbucks right across the street from eachother. I am amazed at why this planet has not yet imploded on itself...
Visit his blog:

BlueTea Leaf

and check out his list of "100 Things." I already sent him an email last night at 1:30 in the morning -
I was forced to mindlessly bother strangers with random emails about their gaseous deficiencies. Look what you made me do bloggger.....weenypants.....:-)
I love you :-)

Hello Simon, if you're reading this by the way.

It pains me to see the snow melting *sniffle* I'm going to miss it immensely when it's gone. I haven't even made a snow man yet. I should do that today -

wait, I'm sick.
Darn. Vacation's an awful time to get sick.

Y'know, I had no idea how deep the snow was. Well, really I did because of the 5-foot drifts around my drive-way, but when you're walking on top of it, you sort of lose all concept of what's beneath you. Of course you quickly regain that awareness when your friend tackles you into the ground, packs snow around you as you squirm and writhe helplessly, and then the rest of your friends have to spend a good ten minutes digging out the snow that's compacted around your boot a good two vertical feet beneath you. Ahh..good times. Dan, if you ever read this, I want you to know that you are building up quite a large tab of "revengeness" to be hurled your way. Okay, I want lunch. Bye for now.

Sunday, February 23

Okay, the coolest thing, look at the top of this page.
Are you looking?
They're ice-cream-related ads!
Man are they good...its' almost spooky...
Colds are yucky. Ick, they make me want to get back into my pj's and snuggle under my comforter. But being the smart cookie that I am, I'm going to a sledding party today. Well not necessarily a 100% sledding-oriented party, but there shall be much playing of the snowage.

...I'm a dork

Antibacterial hand sanitizer is a great thing, especially when you work in a nursery where every one is coughing up god knows what, especially you. germage...

I'm watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" right now, w/ mom and dad. I've only seen half of it so far because I've been on the computer. NOTE TO SELF:

Never place computer and TV in same room.

Little kids are great, okay fun nursery tale from church today:

Bob* (2 1/2 yrs old) was sitting on the floor with his diaper bag, emptying everything. It went like this:

(pulls out diapers)

Bob: These are mine

Me: yeah, they're yours

(pulls out numerous baggies half-full of old Froot Loops, and Goldfish)

B: are mine too-oo..

M: yeah, you collect them dontcha..

(pulls out every conceivable item that could possibly fit in a diaper bag, and continues to reiterate their owner),BR>
B: These are mine, and these are mine....(etc..)

M: Yup, yeah, uh-huh, very good...(etc)

(pulls out a bright pink maxi pad)

B:this is mommy's


(stifled laughter from me and nursery helper-moms)

M: why dont' we clean all this up now, Bob*...

...they're so cute...I can't wait to get one......

*name has been changed to protect the innocent

Saturday, February 22

Okay, so this is my first post then. Spiffness. So for those of you wandering websurfers that actually read this, hi, and thanks for being semi-interested in me. In case you were planning on hunting me down via internet and stalking me, my name is Angie, I'm sixteen and a junior in highschool. There you go, have at it. If you find me, let me know.

So now, I guess, it would be a good idea to explain the title of my blog, the whole statement about physically attractive frozen dairy deserts. It's sort of an inside joke, but sorta not in that it'd be an inside funny thing to every one who's read a certain play, which would actually be alot more people than would averagely constitute an "inside" joke. So the play is called "Jabberwock," in which I play the character Georgiana, who is, according to the character notes, costume notes, and various other references througout the play, as attractive as ice cream. Some examples of this are: "sleek and sexy like an ice cream cone," "ice cream cone beautiful," and a part in the blocking that mentions Georgiana "licking an icecream cone sensuously." Can we say fetish? Of course the character notes also mention that I should be "stacked like a brick armory"...Okay, so that's the joke, but now it's not funny because I've talked about it so much (did I not describe this site as a place for my *ramblings*?). Thanks for making me explain beyone the point of humor.....weenypants. >:-p On that note, thanks for checking me out and consecrating whatever lost purpose I had in creating this blog. *~Toodles~*