Monday, March 31

Feeeestival is this weee-ee-ee-kend. Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. IsayIsay: Feeee-estival is thi-is wee-ee-ee-kend.

No, I'm not excited.

We actually haven't been rehearsing adequately for the state level, I think we've sort of been lax about it since regionals. I think tomorrow may be an all-Jane rehearsal, with no Jabberwock. I hope so.

I have a sudden urge to go camping right now. I really want to go stargazing, and look for satelites.

Tuesday, March 25

Okay, I really like this radio announcer, whoever he is. Dad heard him on the way home from work:

"And now for our update on the War with Iraq:

We're winning....that's all you need to know!"

Halleluja! Does this mean that they're all going to stop half giving away all of our strategies and positions during the broadcasts? Or is this the only smart reporter we have?

Today we overtook an Iraqi hospital that was hiding over 100 Iraqi soldiers, their chemicals suits, chemicals and a tank. Dad pointed out to me that that's a direct violation of the Geneva Convention. Someone's not pla-ying faaa-aair....

Another lil' enlightenment from dad: tricky, tricky Iraqi army with their mock surrender the other day. So they come in waving their white flag, and then turn around and attack us, claiming that we'd "learn a lesson that we wouldn't soon forget..." Were they hoping that we'd "learn" not to accept surrenders? And were they hoping that us refusing surrenders would put an end to all their soldiers surrendering? Was it really to teach us a lesson, or to give all of the Iraqi soldiers who're thinking of giving up a slap on the wrist? Hmmm...

Dad, why aren't you running the country?

Monday, March 24

Wow, I didn't mean that last sentence the way it sounded...
Okay, I've decided that I don't like Brinkster, I just tried Angelfire, and they have the same situation I had with Angelcities with the ads in the frames. I really nead to find a host that doesn't have ads, that's gonna be hard since there aren't many. And it's such a cool site too... I'll get it up some day.

Sunday, March 23

I hate American media. I mean a fiery, passionate, heartfelt loathing. They are an insult , and a poor representation of our country. This is what I saw on the news today when I turned on the TV:

Left side of screen: there's a newscaster at a desk in New York (?), Right side of screen: A reporter, on the ground with a microphone and a helmet in Bagdad, a few feet away from soldiers on their bellies with guns. In Bagdad there are faint booms and plumes of smoke in the background.

Reporter: *rambles on about the various tanks and what not in the background*

Newscaster: Could you give us an idea of what's happening in that line there? It's not necessary for your camera man to stand up again (note: !!!!????) but we saw a whole line of men before, could you tell us what they're targeting?

*reporter crawls on belly up to a soldier*

Reporter: So what are you sighting here?
*mumbles from soldier that I don't remember because my mind was so consumed with disbelief, rage, and humiliation*

God!!!! Maybe they should stand up again, at least when they're shot, they're out of the friggin' way....

Saturday, March 22

Lately, we've had the TV on most of the day, tuned to the news. It's been serving as sort of a background, white noise for the most part. There was a press conference on today, with some lady in a pink and gray two-toned suit, she looked too much like Two-Face from Batman that I had trouble paying attention to her. But supposedly, according to mom, one reporter asked her some question pertaining to the "show" last night, meaning last night's bombing. She shot that down pretty vehemently. Sometimes I hate Americans, at least the dumb ones...
I just registered a free site with host, and am currently in the process of uploading junk, I'll post my URL when it's finished.

Thursday, March 20

I"m sot sure what to say about the war, every thought I seem to think sounds irrelevant and unimportant when I rethink it to myself. I do not believe in killing people, no matter how much they seem to deserve it. No matter how cold, evil and undeserving a life seems to be, it's not ours to take. I believe that we are right to disarm Iraq, Saddam has proved himself to be a threat to other countries as well as his own people. However, I am just a little bit fickle in deciding weither I am pro or anit-war. Here are my two conflicting viewpoints:

*see above statement about evil, etc..*
In addition, war doesn't end anything. We think that we can put an end to terrorism, communism, etc.. with war, but history has proven that this does not work (uh, "war to end all wars" ring a bell??). "..dirt doesn't make clean, and war doesn't make peace..." ("Jabberwock" is an ironic play to be doing at this time...) With our adamant "go it alone" gusto, we'll begin to look like imperialistic monsters. As fellow humans, I believe it is our responsibility to help the thousands of adults and children in Iraq who have been oppressed by their "fearless leader," which is one of the biggest causes of the war. But there must be another way to deal with Saddam and other governments like his own, without lowering ourselves to their level.

How else do you deal with these people?? True, more than 50% of those effected by our strikes on Iraq are not the real enemy, but there's no way around it. These people (meaning our real enemies, not the innocent Iraqi children and citizens who have been exploited by them) live in almost another world. They're mindset, their values, the environment they've grown up in have been plagued with war, they understand nothing else. It's like speaking another language, you could hold all of the peace-talks you can sit through with them, and they wouldn't hear a word, their brains just aren't programed to absorb it. Don't try to "teach them a lesson," or talk some sense into them, they have a very different concept of "sense" from ours. For a war-hungry group such as them, peace is a lost hope.

One of the few things that I absolutely hate about our country (in fact maybe the only thing, since there is very little that I have reason to hate in the world, and much less that I find undesireable about the US) is how friggin Hollywood-ized everything is! Every live report I have seen has, for some reason, just screamed reality television to me. I think we've been so desensitized by tv (wow, doesn't that just sound so granny-ish..) that when reality happens, it doesn't really set in. At least a dozen times I've had to stop my self while watching the news and say, "Wait a minute, we're at war." Irony: In US history, we are discussing World War One, today we "played" trench warfare, lining the desks into trenches and "reliving" the experience (of course, this is the most insulting attempt at a simulation ever created by the American education system). Then we watched All Quiet on the Western Front, during which I was frequently reminding myself, yet again, that all of this was really happening at that very moment (though in a much more technologically advanced manner). In our attempts to recreate reality, we've begun to remove ourselves from it. Shame on you, human race...

Sunday, March 16

I think mom made up a new word: triplicates. Has anyone ever heard that before?? It sounds familiar only because my mom's said it.

I'm watching The Emperor's New Groove. I love it. So much. So so so much. I just had chocolate milk, and then chocolate puuuuudding. Pudding. Puding. Is that spelled with one "d" or two? Any way, I should get my homework done tonight...

Oh yeah:
WE MADE IT, WE MADE IT, WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Chronicles of Jane: Book Seven has been selected to go on to State level festival. I'm so excited!!!!!
Okay, explanation behind the sudden show of enthusiasm:

As I've said, Jane is a wierd show. REALLY wierd. But, I also said that it's come together if we were really focused and commited, and -big surprise - we came together in the end. All of us hated our show until about one rehearsal before festival, when we realized that we don't suck as much as we'd feared we would. So we pulled together, comunity spirit, yay, rah, be one with the ginko....blabla...y'get it. We helped eachother, so anyway, it really works, and our adjudicators commented that we have a very strong show, and if we take some of the suggestions they made and apply them at the State level, we'll have an awesome, quality show. So now I'm excited, NOT just to go sleep in a hotel room up in Newfound, but also to perform, which is the whole point, right? Right.

Friday, March 14

Festival officially starts tomorrow! Yay!! Today was all of the tech rehearsals, we got out of 8th period to get ready to welcome the schools. It was fun. I was working on room decorating, so I didn't get to see any of the other kids, but I think it's safe to say that Masenic High School will heave the snazziest home base of them all. But then again, I like how the people in charge of our room made the nice blue crepe streamer sacrificial pentacle on the floor of our home base... "begone wretched spectre!"

So, I think I've decided that in all honesty, our show isn't going to be the greatest. It's just too silly and weird, one of those things that requires mohonchas talent and focus to nail perfectly, which aren't quite in the desired abundance in highschool... But it's been fun, and we got laughs when we performed for band and chorus, so it's decent. I ripped my toe muscle again during that performance. It hurt, and it was right when we had to fall to the ground, out of the mountain, and freeze.

I'm typing one-handed right now, and it's very hard. Before your sick imagination runs away wit you - I burned my finger, silly. On a glue gun. I took my biomorphic project, "Beetlejuice," home from ceramics class today. Unfortunately, many of the little "worms" broke off, there was only one left. Who knew that glue takes so long to cool down...oh wait, I did... so i'm just clumsy.

I need to get to bed, so I can go spend a lovely Saturday morning hauling my bright-eyed and bushy-tailed self into the theatre at 6:30... *sob*

Tuesday, March 11

We had no school today because of town voting. But there was (guess??) drama. From 8-12. We ran the show 4 times!! (it's only 40 minutes long) Oh my god, if I am not sick of being a fish by Friday, I'll probably just be dead from trying to stand like a wall with my arms out for ten minutes at a time! Though I must say, that with all the "living theatre" set building, the scrunching in small huddles and collapsing into piles of bodies on the floor, I've never been more close and cozy with a cast before. Well, maybe Footloose got a little "physical," hehe... As much of a pain as it is (literally), I love drama.

I heard that the Mayor of New York ended the strike of Broadway today, they didn't say exactly how yet though. So I need to watch the news todinght to see if they agreed on concessions, or if the protesters were simply kicked off the street, in which case there probably won't be any shows soon... *sniffle*

I guess I'm going to the prom. I'd been thinking about it before, knowing that I'd never be courageous enough to ask anyone and slowly accepting the fact that I'd either go alone, or not at all. Me and mom had gone around looking at gowns before, when I still wasn't even sure if I'd go, and we found one at JC Penney's that fades from pink at the top to tangerine then to pink again. I like it. So we went shopping again today, and mom just sorta bought it for me on a whim. I was very surprised, and sorta felt bad, and am still think of how to shower her with gratitude. So now that she's bought me gown, I have to go. Whether I want to or not. (not that I don't want to go)

Today, I bought a new alarm clock. It's little and translucent white with translucent blue buttons. It was $7.96 at Wal*Mart.

I had fajitas for dinner tonight. Mmm, espanol-ee goodness...

Sunday, March 9

There was a walk-out protest on Broadway this week! Or weekend, I don't remember...but anyway - I guess the story is that the theatres haven't been using enough musicians to play for each show, and they're being overworked for what they're paid. Among one of the shows that walked out was Phantom. I'm happy that they're sticking up for themselves, but on a more selfish note... I hope this doesn't effect the show so that it, maybe, closes... because I still haven't seen it!!! For the longest time, I thought that it had been taken off Broadway, and I was so psyched when I heard that it, in fact, hadn't. So I hope that those musicians get what they want.

I found the coolest rpg last night, The Once Upon a Fairy Tale RPG. It's so cool, i'm still waiting to see whether or not they've accepted my proposed character bio. It's preffered that you take an existing Disney or fairytale character and put an interesting spin on it. I'd like to be Alice in Wonderland (okay, who didn't guess that?), except I'm sorta schizophrenic, (yeah, didja guess that one too?)
but that'll get straightened out, if I'm accepted. Why, you ask? Well here's why, actually, here's my entire bio, because it's nifty and I'm proud of it:

Alice was a very peculiar girl for her age, what with her wonderings, and curiosities, and such. Her sister often found it hard to keep Alice focused on her studies, such a lazy girl! daydreaming, and falling asleep during her lessons... She one day dreamed that she had followed an odd little white rabbit (in trousers and a waistcoat, mind you) into a rabbit hole, and stumbled upon the imaginary world of Wonderland. In this topsy-turvey land, she encounters such curious creatures, as a mock turtle, a gryffon, an absent minded white queen, a furiously passionate red queen, and her only friend, the Cheshire Cat. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland were peculiar indeed. Yet when she awoke from her dream, she found herself relluctant to return to her mundane studies with her sister, for it was in her imagination that she felt truly at home...

In the land of Atyme....

Such a funny girl as Alice did not attract many playmates, and found her cat, Dinah, and her own creative devices to be her only companions. For where other little girls had fancy, elegant little teaparties with other girls, Alice preferred to take her tea with her eyes closed, at a bubbling, bustling table of tea-things, alongside a Mad Hatter, and an odd little rabbit known as the March Hair. And it was within this solitary space of her mind that little Alice did grow up, much to the displeasure of her mother and haughty sister, who did not approve of such silly, unhealthy games, and constant seclusion from girls her own age.
It's been ten years since Alice first dreamed of Wonderland, and though the vivid memories of this dream world linger as fresh and vibrant as yesterday's crumpets and jam, that one dream was the only time poor Alice did experience it. And so Alice spiraled, longing, pining, determined to find the rabbit hole once again. And oh! how woefull she is without the company of her closest friends from Wonderland - her only friends in the world. In her coherent days, Alice became an avid student of lucid dreaming, studying the workings of the mind and imagination, and the construct of dream world. But you see, so dark and withdrawn had she grown over the years, in her constant pursuit of Wonderland, that her family had given up all hope of recovering their once sunny, intelligent daughter. Lessons were fruitless, as she did rather staring into the space in front of her, hoping to see some hint of her imaginary friends, than listening to a lecture or the reading of the text. And when she did speak, such random babble! Such utter nonsense about singing flowers, and poetry-reciting caterpillars, and terrifying jabber-monsters! Her numerous tutors did storm out tumultuously, spitting of their detest for such a moronic girl as they announced their resignations. No one could tolerate poor Alice's rantings and obsessions with these fictional creatures which she claimed to have met, and so it became customary:
"oh please, do not mind poor Alice, she's fine in the drawing room, we find it is best to leave her to her own devices..." "No that is only Alice upstairs, she must be seeing turtles again, or whatever the wretched dear sees, the pounding should stop in a minute, the nurse maid will tend to her anyhow, so you were saying..." "Oh, never you mind those noises dear, tis' only the servants in the kitchen..." "Yes, such a shame the poor dear died, and only sixteen years of age she was. It was devastating the first few weeks...what do you mean wailings? Oh no, miss you must be hearing the wind, such a drafty old house this it..."
And so it came to this: locked in her attic room, abandoned and loathed by her family and forgotten by all else who may have known her, 18-year-old Alice remained isolated. Such tremors and fits she did suffer, as her diluted mind insisted on torturing her with the horridly distorted visions of her childhood dream. On stormy night, during one of Alice's particularly passionate spells, the nurse maid had just finished strapping her into her harness with the help of the cook's boy. Inserting the wooden bit between her teeth, and clamping each end to either side of the monstrous apparatus holding her trembling head in place, the two youths turned nonchalantly from the spectacle, and exiting, resumed their other duties of the house. Her teeth squeezing the same taste of wood and mold from the gnawed block in her mouth, Alice stared even harder at the space before her eyes. Her body shook from the effort, and her mouth filled with the familiar, tinny taste of blood, but she was almost certain , no- positive that she could see it this time. She squeezed her eyes shut, and focused, concentrating on the swirling vortex of lights that burned in her mind's eye. Did she see it? That grin, was it him? She opened her eyes again, panting and sweating, they darted about the dim room, from the dying flames in the fire place, to the ceiling above her, to the heavy oak door, and finally to the tiny window on the far wall. There it was - that smile! She stared out at the thin sliver of moon grinning at her, glad to see her old friend again. Her friend, her only friend, the only sould in the universe that felt any connection to hers... It was true! He was here! She writhed in excitement, and in agony of the restraints that impeded her. She had to get out, get free, this was it! Tonight was the night, he had found her! Oh joy! Oh frabjuous day! She squirmed and convulsed, sweating and whimpering, and the shining smile in the sky began to swirl and fade into darkness once again. NO! No, not again! She must! He can't! She will...
She closed her eyes, and the lights consumed her, her breathing calmed, and when she opened her eyes once more, she saw a peculiar sight. A sign said: "Atyme."
"My goodness," cooed Alice,"How very curious, I certainly don't remember this being a part of Wonderland." Alice looked about at her surroundings, spotting a path ahead, she ventured along it. "I wonder where I could be. And, oh, just how did I get here?" ....

It's actually about four times as long as the example bio submissions that they showed on the site, but I think it's all necessary to explain the character. :) And I kept it as non-American McGee's Alice-violent as I could. My Alice is harmless.... *pouts*

Friday, March 7

A very scary first tonight:
I sang the Star Spangled Banner solo for the varsity basketball game.
I didn't do so bad, of course my parents said I was great (mom did admit that I squeaked on a high note), and of course it felt like I did awful. I've never shook so much! I could feel my hand holding the microphone throbbing, and I could even see it in my peripheral vision, though I was staring at the flag so hard I'm surprised it didn't burst into flame...

I watched the President's speech last night. He said the words "disarmament" an awful lot, so much so to the point that I was amusing myself with predicting when he would say it next (sadly: I was right most of the time) It was a good speech, yet somehow it just felt like there was some kind of circular pattern that was being followed, and alot of the same answers to very similar questions. For about the first ten minutes I was paying full attention, my ears prickling on the look-out for any words starting with "w," and then after a while you sorta realize, "this is one of those speeches where he's not really gonna tell us anything new, isn't it?" So my opinion: we shouldn't wait any longer to take some sort of action. I definately don't like the idea of starting a war next week, but I think we definately need to disarm Iraq, immediately. Alot of UN embassadors were saying today how (I believe this was the French one) we've been waiting twelve years, what's three more months? Well when there've been threats of an attack on the US within the next few weeks - three months is assanine. I think my dad's idea is a pretty good one: Surround Saddam with troops and hold him in, then pump his oil feilds dry while he waits...

Wednesday, March 5

I need sleep. Soooomuch sleep! I've never made a harder transition from "vacation mode" to "every day hell mode." And as I haven't quite weaned myself off of the 2am bed time yet, mornings are a disaster (of course they may not be so much so if I had an alarm clock that works...). I've been back to the usual habit (newly established this year) of doing whatever work I could keep my eyes open for at night, and spending most of the next morning and break in the library, attempting to finish it (which doesn't always happen, since ironically, the school library isn't very quiet...). Actually, I need to go do some of that homework now, as well as work on some pretty banners, copy a video, do some laundry and read some Goblet of Fire. Yeah, *snorts*, well maybe I'll make a dent in the homework...
We had a chorus concert tonight. Well actually, it was the Music in Our Schools concert, so the elementary school and middle school were there also, we only performed one song, "N'kosi Sikel'e Li' Afrika." So it went something like this:

We sit in chairs on the floor of the gym infront of a few hundred parents in the bleachers below a ventialtion system that was turned off for the night. Around us, are the fresh young faces of tomorrow's musicians, the bands and choruses from the second-eigth grades. So we sit, listening to the... -sweet- sounds of the 2nd and 3rd grade violins, while rereading our music, in a last minute attempt to burn the jumbled, Zulu-African lyrics into our heads (since the week that we spent skimming the piece didn't quite cut it). During the "scene change" Shimkus informs us of a surprise drum solo that he and Idon'tknowwho decided to add last minute, assuring us that he will remind us once more before we start. So they move from the 2nd-3rd grade strings to the 4th grade(or so) strings performance, and continue in order from youngest to oldest - the high school chorus is to perform second to last.
About an hour later - though it felt like two - we move from our chairs to take a seat and await our turn on the risers while the 7th and 8th grade band perform.
So with flourish and fanfare, they finish, and we stand to sing. Our two drummers ready and poised, we begin:
"N'kosi sikel'e li', Afrika...." and so on and so forth. And as we finish our hold at about the midpoint of the song, we concentrate on our papers with the phonetic spellings of the killer string of words we are about to -belt- as the tempo speeds up. And as most of us forgot the drum solo, and the other 10 out-of 40 of us remembered, it was a little akward -
"Mah ray sa ka...a.. ," *confused, glance up at conductor, frantic gesticulations from Shimmy, no no, drum solo!* "mah ray s- "*more signals, oh that's right- now half of us remember* "mah-...mahr ray sa ka sha bo..." *confused voices dwindled to nothingness. Pregnant pause with a hand full of unsure "laa...a..a..." 's as drums continue*
Shimkus: "Okay," *beat, beat,* "Mah ray sa ka sha bo se re.."*continues*" *Okay, now we sing! Voices rise with lyrics, seriously lacking oomph of any sort, but present none the less. Continue in stunned, embarassed cacophony of phonetic Zulu, sorta slurred and flat, as our uprooted concentrations grope about the page of music to trying to remember where to look. Humiliated murmuring and blurry-eyedness turn to shameless smirks at the finish, ending in a powerfull* "Afrikaaaaaaaaa" * as we finally remember how to pronounce something. Mild applause and many sympathetic eyebrows from parents as most of us heave a delapidated exhale, and the rest of us turned to hide our reddened, lauging faces in disbelief.*

Ooh yeah. Trainwreck. The little ones can't wait to get to highschool...

Monday, March 3

I gave Anna and Jerry my blog URL today. Yay! Now two people know I'm here. Well, actually three that I know of...Anyway, hi guys! I still need your online journals, by the way, if you click on my name below it should bring up my email. Toodles!
Okay! The world is officially a good and wholesome place again, indeed:
Today, we (the director) decided that there shall infact STILL be icecream cones in Jabberwock! However:
They will be filled with *beat* MASHED POTATOES instead of ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm in heaven! It's even better than ice cream! I love potatoes! (I'm wondering if I should change the name of my blog though... hm..) This way, we will create the illusion of frozen dairy goodness, yet avoid the awful melty mess (mashed potatoes are muuuch easier to clean). I'm so excited, lollipops would have been so commonplace to lick seductively, but how many people can be a turn-on with potatoes??.... ...

*Heard in Spanish class as teacher passed out worksheet to class* :
"Why is this all in Spanish?"

Great quote that I finally remembered to post:
"If God wanted us to be vegetarians, he wouldn't have made animals out of meat..."
Thankyou! Finally...

First day back at school wasn't so bad. Since I irresponsibly stayed awake until about 2am last night, I pretty much dragged on like a zombified sloth with a hangover for most of it, and chemistry brought me pretty close to tears. But - we started Jabberwock rehearsals today! (if you couldn't guess from the above.) I can feel the gaping void that the rest of the school day has carved in my soul beginning to fill in already :)
God I miss Footloose:
1. The dancing
2. The singing
3. Being an old lady (hoorah for hairnets!)
4. Helping turn other people into old ladies(Anna...:-)
5. Ylana's "poo" song
6. Shimkus doing thighs of steel....odeargod....HA!
7. Backstage nappie-times during class...(man they really bought those excuses!)
8. Pizza until it exploded out our ears
9. Jesus over here! WOO WOO! Jesus over there! WOO WOO! Jesus in the haaaaaa-ouse!
10. "THis is outraaaaaageous!" "Whadya say we...THROWIM' IN THE POOL!" "We can face this down, every day! We're free!"

I can watch these home videos over and over. They are the greatest, I will cherish them, and keep them until VHS players are obsolete!! I will be a withered old veteran thesbian, sitting in my little chase lounge in my mountain cabin holding ripped and worn film negatives up to a shabby little lamp, JUST so I can relive the memories of high school theatre!

......*sniffle*....I don't want to graduate.....:'(

I reeaally need to get to bed now. At least I got the brunt of my homework done, and I completed my SAT registration form too! Hoorah! Yeah..won't be takin' those until May...if only I'd talked to my guidance counselor soonor...HA! Lookitthat! More procrastination!


Sunday, March 2

Okay that was a very unhappy post. So here's a smile to let you know that I'm really in a good mood, but just a wee bit tired:
:-) :D :-]
Ha, I even did three!
I will most probably be a world-class procrastinator until the day I die!! I'm so horribly frustrating to myself! It's 10:35 on Sunday night, I just finished my chemistry homework, and am just now making copies of the Footloose cast party video for people. And I didn't even completely finish my coll. chem work!! I still have 3by5 notcards to prepare on something about Lewis Structures of atoms... and I have somewhere near 10 pages of stuff to read about chemical bonding. Once again, I will be forced to haul my butt into school early at 7am to sit in the library and finish the work that I didn't do over the entire week of vacation that I had to do it!


Suuu - huuuu - merrrrrrrr!!! Please!!
DSL is great!! And it's even on a separate phone line!!

I'm sooo sleepy. Work always makes me sleepy, not just afterwards, but during. And it's not a tired sleepy, it's a relaxed sleepy, which is strange because you'd think I'd be anything but relaxed while looking after a group of two-year-olds. I think it may be because they're getting older, they were so incredibly quiet today, it was eerie...The three of them just sat at the little orange-and-yellow table, munching away on Goldfish crackers for about 15 minutes! Then there was almost NO screaming or raising of little high-pitched voices until later, about 20 minutes before their parents came. They never cease to amaze me...

I forgot to bring my Alphabugs book to the nursery...oh well, I guess I'll just get to enjoy it for another week. :-)

At Sunday dinner (lunch) my family was talking about how we should buy some "disaster supply" stuff since there are all these increasing threats of chemical attacks. We're thinking plastic tarps, garbage bags, and LOTS of duct tape...any suggestions?

Last day of vacation...*sniffle* I was surprised to discover last night that I, in fact, don't have a mohanchas load of homework to do. Only a bunch of chemistry and a Spanish permission slip for the mexican restaurant (La Carreta...arriba!).

I keep forgetting to give my blog URL to my friends, so I'm pretty sure that no one knows that this exists. If you are reading this... thankyou, you are probably the only one who cares...

I'm thinking of changing the name of my blog, since my friend told me that our director is thinking of using lollipops on stage instead of icecream cones since they're messy....
I'm so sad... I'll be neat and careful with them! Honest!

That's all for now, I want to go read. I have homework to do, and copies of the "Footloose" cast party video to make for people... ... "memories...doo doo doo.."